The following Articles and White Papers are available for reading online and/or download.

White Paper: The Mysterious S Curve
Midori Media's The Mysterious S Curve White Paper contains detailed information about S Curves, how they are generated, and how they may be used to analyse the health of your Project. The White Paper also covers the importance of ensuring your Project's schedule contains complete, valid, and accurate information.
Current Edition: 4th Edition
Date Published: February 2016
File Size: ~2 MB

Article: The Forgotten Art Of Graphical Earned Value Management
Inspired by Midori Media's The Mysterious S Curve White Paper, John Knott has written a brief but informative article covering the forgotten art of graphical earned value management using S Curves in Project Management.

John's article is aptly titled: The Forgotten Art of Graphical Earned Value Management.
Date Published: July 2013
File Size: ~120 KB

Brochure: myPM SCG Enterprise
The myPM SCG Enterprise Brochure provides a brief yet informative overview of myPM SCG Enterprise.
The PDF Brochure contains an overview of the operation of myPM SCG Enterprise, a brief summary of the Project Statistics, Task Statistics, S Curves, and Histograms generated by myPM SCG Enterprise. It also includes a list of features found in myPM SCG Enterprise.
File Size: ~1.6 MB