Version History

Monday 29th June 2015: Version updated.

  • Optimized processing of S Curve Definitions.

Monday 5th January 2015: Version released.

  • Launch version of myPM SCG Enterprise.
  • Support for MS Project Data Source Files (Requires MS Project).
  • Generates Baseline, Actual, Target S Curves and Histograms.
  • Generates Baseline Early, Baseline Late S Curves and Histograms.
  • Generates Target Early, Target Late S Curves and Histograms.
  • Generates Man Hours versus Time, Cost versus Time S Curves and Histograms.
  • Generates Percentage S Curves and Percentage Histograms.
  • Generates a Project Summary, containing over 150 key Project Statistics.
  • Generates a Task Summary, containing Task Status, Invalid Task Details, and Task Warnings.
  • Generates a Baseline Summary, containing Baseline Early, Baseline, Baseline Late Project Statistics.
  • Generates a Target Summary, containing Target Early, Target, Target Late Project Statistics.
  • Generates Man Power Histograms.
  • Generates Task Progress Charts, indicating Tasks per Day: Not Started, Starting, In Progress, Finishing, and Finished.